Making GAPS meat stock

GAPS Meat Stock

rOne of the most frequent questions I am asked with the GAPS Diet is how to make meat stock. A lot of people want to make it but get overwhelmed in the details. So here it is… Simple directions for making bona fide GAPS meat stock.

With GAPS Meat Stock is it is important to use fresh bones with some raw meat still on the bone. This, along with a short-cook time, ensures the nutrients needed to heal and reseal the gut lining.

Follow the instructions below using a whole, preferably organic, pastured chicken (remove breasts and cut up carcass), grass-fed beef bones (use a mixture of marrow and joint bones with a shank bone), or wild-caught fish (remove filets and use heads, bones, fins, and skins).


Pack the bones tightly in the bottom of a large stock pot. Fill with filtered water about one inch over the top of the bones. Add Celtic salt (about 1 Tablespoon per 2-2.5 quarts). Heat on the stovetop over high heat until water starts to boil. Once it comes to a boil, turn heat down to a low simmer and scoop off the foam on the top (toss). Place the lid on the pot and cook for 3 hours- beef, 2 hours-chicken, or 1 hour-fish. Remove from heat. Remove bones and meat with a wire sieve and let cool slightly. Carefully strain the stock.  Remove fat, cartilage, skin, and anything soft from the bones and put back in the stock to blend. You may also save this and eat it separately but I see the most healing when these components are included in the diet. Save the meat for soups or eating by itself. If you are using an immersion blender to blend the stock, I have found it is easiest to pour some of the stock in another container so that there is about 2 inches or less of stock in the pot before using the blender. It is much easier then to blend the fat and skin until well-immersed. Add back any stock you removed and blend.

Use this stock to sip on by itself or as a base for amazing soups!

Happy Healing!

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