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The Nutrapothica System

The human body has an innate ability to heal on its own. However, since we live in a world full of toxicity, characterized by chemical, physical, and emotional stressors, our bodies need support to thrive. At Nutrapothica, we provide services that help reduce inflammation, gently eliminate toxins, and stimulate homeostasis or balance within the body. 

First, we use ONDAMED Biofeedback Therapy, an FDA-registered medical device that uses highly-focused, pulsed electromagnetic fields to assess your body for areas of inflammation, dysfunction, and trauma. This assessment provides valuable information that allows us to tailor nutrition recommendations and therapeutic treatment to your individual needs. Once we complete the assessment with the ONDAMED, we then use the frequencies of the ONDAMED to stimulate tissues and the Central Nervous System to heal. 

After the biofeedback therapy is completed, we then have our clients soak their feet in an  ionic foot bath which further assists the body in the detox process.

To see how we use ONDAMED and diet together, watch the short video below.

Ondamed Treatment and Nutritional Coaching- Tools to Help Your Body Heal And Feel Your Best

First Steps to Getting Started

Step 1

Phone Consultation

During this 15 minute complimentary call, we will discuss your specific needs, answer any questions you may have, and determine if you would be a good candidate for Nutrapothica treatments. At that time, we will schedule your initial consultation and a follow-up visit. To schedule a call, click the button below.

Step 2

Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation will take up to 1.5 hours. We recommend staying well-hydrated before and after your appointment. While you relax in a recliner, we will assess and stimulate tissues of the body with the therapeutic frequencies of the ONDAMED once individual problem areas are identified. As we focus on those areas, we also discuss foods and supplements that will help support the healing process. After you receive the ONDAMED therapy, we will soak your feet in an ionic foot bath which further assists in the body with removing toxins.

Step 3

Follow-up Visit

A follow-up treatment 2-4 days later will boost the efficacy of the first treatment. It also provides feedback (from your body) about how it is responding to the treatment. At that time, we will discuss a care plan to continue bolstering your body's healing capabilities.

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Meet Danielle Killeffer

Owner of Nutrapothica

Danielle is a licensed and registered dietitian with over 14 years of experience. After several years of suffering from chronic back pain, insomnia, and depression, she found healing and relief through the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. After experiencing significant healing through GAPS, she became a Certified GAPS Practitioner in 2016. While GAPS healed the majority of her health problems, she still struggled with chronic fatigue and other thyroid symptoms. Continuing her search, she discovered ONDAMED Biofeedback Therapy. The combination of GAPS nutrition and ONDAMED therapy resolved her health issues and she now feels better than ever.  Because of her experience, she feels compelled to help others heal their bodies and enjoy the benefits of healthy life through Ondamed and eating a nutrient-rich diet.


We’re located at 6245 Vance Road, Suite A, at Nutrition World’s Wellness Corner. 


(423) 300-6702 

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